Plastic tanks and bunding offer a great alternative to aluminium, steel, fibreglass and stainless steel tanks as they excel in flexibility and chemical resistance.   


Our custom-made bunding and tanks are constructed using either PVC, Polypropylene, HDPE (High Density PolyethylenePE100 and other industrial plastic materials dependant upon the purpose.  These materials each have excellent chemical resistance in corrosive environments where solvents, degreasing agents or volatile acids are being used. 


We make tanks and liners for a variety of purposes including aquaculture tanks; acid tanks; sump tanks; rinse tanks; drinking, black & grey water tanks suitable for RV's, caravans, boats or trucks; diesel fuel tanks for boats; etc.  


RetroFab Design custom build for the specific needs of a wide array of industries and have the ability to create tanks/storage vessels of any size, specifications and purpose that are required by our clients.   


We assist with design and material selections to achieve your desired end result.


Some of our projects have been:

  • Settling tanks
  • Mixing tanks
  • Reclamation tanks
  • Acid resistant Poly pipe manifolds
  • Mobile Water Tanks
  • Acid dipping tanks
  • Aqua-culture tanks 
  • Chrome plating tanks
  • Tanks suitable for RV's and Buses - ie:  Grey and Drinking water
  • Chemical and water tanks suitable for mounting on vehicles 
  • Chute liners
  • Battery trays/containers
  • Lots more 




Our certified construction methods and procedures have been devised from over 40 years of experience and training in Plastics.  We comply with the Australian Standard AU/NZS 4130.  


We have set procedures for building and welding tanks to ensure that the end product is structurally safe and our Company policy is to "overspec" tanks and containers to have minimal sidewall and material deflection if any.  


Our Senior Tradesman started hot air welding in 1978 and was one of the first fabricators in Australia to use an extrusion welding gun.  Our training and welding techniques have been created over a period of time and not in a 4 day course.   All our tanks are "Hydro" and "Electronically" tested for leaks during construction and prior to leaving our workshop. 


With over 42 years of experience in Industrial Tank Fabrication within Australia we pride ourselves on the standard and quality of our end product.



Rigid PVC sheet

HDPE and Polypropylene

HDPE (Hi-Density Polyethylene)

Hot Air Welding


Acid tanks (or galvanizing tanks) are used to remove impurities from various metal components. This procedure requires a strong acid solution so we build our tanks using polypropylene or PE 100 which is able to withstand most highly corrosive environments.  


We can design, engineer and build a tank or liner to suit your requirements or specifications and install it if needed.  Most tank liners are installed on site.


On-site repair service offered. 

Acid Dipping Tank - Fabricated in polypropylene 

Polypropylene tank 

HDPE Tank with sight glass 

Stainless Acid tank refurbishment nearly completed with new polypropylene liner



Need a custom-made tank to suit your RV, Caravan, boat etc then we can assist with your requirements.  Whether it be for drinking water, black water or grey water we can manufacture your tank to fit where you need it. 

Polypropylene water tank for vending machine

Black-water tank made in HDPE - stepped to suit boat hull

Poly water tank for ute tray -  1800mm long x 1500mm wide x 600mm high with fittings and access hatch

Custom made fresh water tank - tapered to suit RV


We can weld outlets and flanges, insert access panels, add site glasses, etc.   We also offer a repair service - subject to the material and condition of the vessel. 

Round Polypropylene storage tank 

All our tanks are aqua tested as well as electronically tested.

PVC tank - testing of 

HDPE Tank with sight glass 


RetroFab can manufacture custom-made containment tanks and bunding that will offer you leak proof storage.   We produce tanks and bunding in virtually any size, shape and containment capacity you desire. 


We can manufacture either in-house at our factory or on-site at your business when necessary and offer an on-site repair service. 


Water and storage tank for mine vehicle - fabricated in polyethylene. 

Chrome Dipping tanks - HDPE 

Polypropylene Tank ready to deliver 

Polyethylene Planter Tub insert

HDPE Tank with up-stand 

HDPE Tank Up-stand with grate 

HDPE Grate

Chrome Dipping tanks - HDPE 

Refurb existing stainless/fibreglass dipping tanks with suitable liner



Stainless tank before polypropylene liner installed 

Stainless Acid tank refurbishment nearly completed with new polypropylene liner

Stainless Acid Tank refurb - Polypropylene liner completed and being refilled