RetroFab offers a full range of signage options - illuminated and non-illuminated.  Whether you need 3D letters or logo for your building or internal bulkhead through to Braille directional signs we can help you.


We manufacture aluminium sign boxes; acrylic hamper boxes and 3D letters/logo in-house.  


Vinyl or digitally printed graphics, LED or other illumination options available. 


Installation can be arranged.   Contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Sign Panel - installed on garden wall 

Fabricated 3D Acrylic Letters - LED illuminated 

Non illuminated 3D signage for building fascia 

Reception Sign Panel 

Blade sign with vinyl and individual acrylic letters 

Non-illuminated Sign box 

Acrylic hamper box with graphics 

LED lit 3D fabricated letters 

Vinyl applied to glass 

External SIgn - Cut out letters and logo

Menu Board - vinyl on acrylic panel

BMX Race Plate made in foam PVC 

Etched 25mm acrylic panel for car stereo 

Illuminated Aluminium sign box and faces - curved to fit building fascia 

Fabricated aluminium sign box - fluoro lit

No sign face 

Acrylic letters incised in bulkhead - work in progress 

Fabricated acrylic letter 

Acrylic Panel with stand-off mounts 

Directional Signs with Braille - standard

Incised sign for Shopping Centre Kiosk 

Illumianted aluminium sign box with graphics to face

Frosted vinyl to glass partition to give etched glass look 

Non Illuminated 3D fabricated acrylic letters 

Illuminated circular hamper box with vinyl graphics 

Fabricated elipse sign - non illuminated 

3D Illuminated Letters for Kiosk 

Fascia sign - ACM panel with vinyl graphics 

Fabricated letters - non illuminated 

Reception sign - mounted using Multi-mounts