Design Assistance and Prototypes

Our vast experience in product development through to manufacture of the item is to your advantage.  With well over 50 years in manufacturing and design we can make your idea a reality and suggest how it can be easily manufactured.  We specialise in functional prototypes and working models. 


A prototype is the start of a new product for our client but more importantly, we hope it may be the beginning of a long term relationship for both us.   We take great pride and satisfaction knowing that we have assisted in the creation, and sometimes the manufacture, of a new product.  


We can also help with design assistance if you are unsure of exactly what is needed for your project. 


Email us your idea, whether it is a hand drawn sketch or CAD drawing, we will suggest what needs to occur to make it into reality along with an estimate of cost and time required.  


We are happy to meet with you to discuss your project/idea should you wish the personal touch. 







Concept, Mould and Prototype

Extrusion Prototype 

Light lense for pedestal stand 

Prototype plug

Extrusion Prototype 

LED Light extrusion prototype