Plastic Fabrication and Engineering

Our manufacturing techniques have been handed down from several generations of tradesmen and gained with experience. With over 65 combined years in all types of plastic fabrication we are able to design and fabricate  components using a variety of plastics.


We will recommend the most suitable material for your project whether it be  acrylic fabrication, industrial plastic fabrication, machining/turning or thermo-forming.


RetroFab Design & Manufacturing is able to offer on-site meetings when required and a consultancy service if requested. 


Acrylic Boxes used in Shopping Centre Christmas Display

HDPE Tank with up-stand 

Completed HDPE Unit

HDPE Scrubber


Some samples of our acrylic fabrication work.  Refer to individual drop down for more information 

Fabricated acrylic heart shape entry box 

Acrylic Display case and base to suit collectable figurine 

Acrylic Fabrication - Model of Unit tower with "ghost tower" beside

Plinth has mirror acrylic top

Bespoke acrylic lectern


Some samples of our work.  Refer to individual drop down for more information 

HDPE Tank with sight glass 

Fume extraction unit on roof - refurbed following storm damage 

Stainless Acid tank refurbishment nearly completed with new polypropylene liner

Hot Air Welding


Light lense for pedestal stand 

Vacuum Formed Product

Vacuum Formed Cone in clear PETG 

Tinted acrylic boat screen 


Plastic Engineering 

Machining of Plastic

Nylon Slipper

PMMA Sight Glass to suit API450 valve - 25mm thick comes with ORing

More Industrial Plastic Fabrication 

Acid Dipping Tank - Fabricated in polypropylene 

PVC Fabrication - Mould for Concrete Pillartop

Water and storage tank for mine vehicle - fabricated in polyethylene. 

Polyethylene Fabrication