Sheet and cut to size panels available:

  • Acrylic - clear, opal, grey tint, solid colours and limited coloured tints in 3mm, silver mirror 
  • Polycarbonate - clear, grey tint and opal
  • Rigid PVC - clear, white and grey 
  • ABS Haircel - black 
  • HDPE - natural and black 
  • UHMW PE 
  • Polypropylene 
  • ACM sheet
  • Nylon sheet  


Rod and Tube:

  • Clear acrylic rod and tube
  • Industrial rod - HDPE, PVC, Acetal/Delrin, Polypropylene 
  • PVC pipe - clear 
  • PE pipe 
  • Polypropylene pipe 


Miscellaneous items:

  • Acrylic Solvents/Glues
  • Acrylic Polish
  • Acrylic Hinges and Display items
  • Acrylic reinforcing triangle rod 

Refer to drop-down for more information on some materials

Acrylic colour chips

Silver Mirror acrylic 

Rigid PVC sheet

Coloured Foam PVC 

ABS Haircel sheet 

HDPE and Polypropylene

ACM - Alumimium Composite Material 

Samples of Illusion Film colours and patterns

Plastic Engineering 

Weldon 16 Acrylic Solvent/Glue 

Weldon 3 Acrylic Solvent/Glue