Services Offered



We are experienced and eager to help with all your plastic fabrication and plastic engineering requirements.  


  • Acrylic Fabrication - Materials - Acrylic and Polycarbonate                                        We can fabricate: Protection screens - standard and custom sized (fitting available); Machine and safety guards; Display cases and bases; POS items; Menu stands and Brochure Holders; Event Display Items; Real Estate window displays; Lecterns; Custom made trophies; Acrylic sign boxes and faces; Fabricated 3D acrylic letters and logos; Sneeze guards; Viewing windows; Custom light fittings etc.                                                 We also offer a cut to size service.                
  • Industrial Plastic Fabrication - Materials - Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Rigid PVC        Some of the items we can produce are:  custom sized black, grey and drinking water tanks for vehicles, boats, RV's and caravans; Chemical tanks for acid dipping and chrome-plating; chemical bunding; laboratory trays, benches and sinks; planter box inserts; tanks and bins for aquaculture; fish sorting tables; fume extraction systems and ducting; guards and covers etc.               
  • Plastic Engineering and Machining - PPMA viewing flanges, custom made items and prototypes.   

 We offer on-site meetings and consultancy service for all your Plastic requirements. 


Acid Dipping Tank - Fabricated in polypropylene 

Fabricated acrylic heart shape entry box 

Range of standard PMMA Sight Glass Products

Polyethylene Planter Tub insert



We supply acrylic or polycarbonate in either full sheets or cut-to-size panels to meet your balustading, fencing and glazing needs.  

Acrylic or polycarbonate panels cut to meet pool fence compliance.  


Panels usually cut within 24 hours - sometimes while you wait or the same day.   Larger jobs please allow 48 to 72 hour turn-around. 


Edges of panels can be finished in several different ways ie:  saw cut only, planed smooth, polished, etc.  We can advise on the best finish for your project.

Under-side of polycarbonate awning - supply and install

Divider screen panels 

Balustrade panels to suit stairwell - supplied and installed by RetroFab Design 

Pool Fence Compliance panels on stairs



We stock a wide range of materials in sheet form and provide a cut-to-size service.  

Most cut-to-size jobs can be done while you wait or same day.

Our usual turnaround for larger cutting jobs is 72 hours (dependant upon stock held).  


There are several options for edge finishes on panels - ask us what would be the best finish for your purpose.





Acrylic colour chips

Polycarbonate Panels 

Eggcrate used as divider in Aquarium 

Rigid PVC sheet



Supplying to sign and shopfitting industries; small business, Corporate's as well as individuals.


Range includes:

              Opal Acrylic Sign faces cut-to-size  

              Acrylic hamper boxes

              Fabricated 3D acrylic letters and logos 

              Corflute sheets 

              ACM sheet or cut to size panels 




Acid Dipping Tank - Fabricated in polypropylene 

Etched 25mm acrylic panel for car stereo 

Non-illuminated Sign box 

Incised sign for Shopping Centre Kiosk 



Collaborating with project teams and individuals to ensure a professional product/design is achieved.  We have assisted with material choice; manufactured prototypes and/or working models; can help with sourcing end product manufacturers etc.


Let us help make your concept become a reality.  

Concept, Mould and Prototype

Polycarbonate panel to suit vending machine

Prototype sample

Bracket/Holder Proto-type - using PE block and aluminium arms 



We stock some standard products  -


Glues suitable for acrylic - Weldon and Acrifix 

Acrylic hinges - small and piano

Acrylic hasps

Acrylic Finger pulls


PPMA sight glasses/viewing flanges for the fuel industry 


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.   

Weldon 3 Acrylic Solvent/Glue 

Weldon 16 Acrylic Solvent/Glue 

Range of standard PMMA Sight Glass Products

Small acrylic hinges

Prismatic Diffuser 

ABS Haircel sheet 

HDPE and Polypropylene

Silver Mirror acrylic