Acrylic and Polycarbonate are glass-like plastics that are strong and light weight with excellent weather resistance and optical clarity.  We can supply full sheets or cut-to-size panels with a variety of edge finishes available.  


Acrylic and Polycarbonate are available in clear, grey tint and opal with acrylic available in coloured tints and solid colours as well.  Both materials are available in a range of thicknesses.  We are happy to recommend which product and thickness to use depending on the use and the size of the panel required.  


ACRYLIC has a higher impact strength than glass and will not shatter like glass when broken.  Used for various purposes such as pool fence compliance panels; sneeze guards or protection screens; replacement window panels; boat windows, hatches and screens; caravan windows; fence and balustrade panels; shop and retail

fit-outs; sign faces or panels and much more. 


Plexiglas® and Perspex® are some of the well-known brands of acrylic. 



Tinted boat windows 

Reception Sign Panel 

Grey Tint acrylic infill panels for patio gable end

Pool Fence compliance panels on stairs

Polycarbonate is the correct glazing choice where there is a potential for glass breakages or vandalism. 

Having 250 times the impact strength of glass, Polycarbonate is literally sledge- hammer proof.  


This material is widely used in schools, public buildings and correctional facilities; in roof structures and skylights; for machine guards; within transportation terminals and in high traffic areas where vandalism is prevalent; and for many other uses.   


It is available in clear UV2 which is UV stabilised both sides, Abrasive resistant "AR2" which has a coating on both sides to save on scratching.  Polycarbonate also comes in a smokey grey tint which is UV stabilised both sides and opal which is a translucent milky white colour UV stabilised one side only and used for sign faces where regular vandalism happens. 


We can also supply Hygard which is Ballistic Grade Polycarbonate panels for security windows/panels.  Mostly used in banks; detention centres; money windows at Casinos, RSL's and Sporting Clubs; 24 hour convenience stores and petrol stations etc.   


Lexan® or Makrolon® are common brand names of Polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate Panels 

Opal acrylic 


Makrolon Polycarbonate 

Replacement polycarbonate panels on Unit awning - Supplied and installed by RetroFab Design

Polycarbonate panels cut to suit Roof Prism

Polycarbonate panels for vaulted roof

Race car window panels - Polycarbonate

Boat hatch tinted panel

Tinted boat windows 

Flame polishing acrylic edges

Frosted vinyl to glass partition to give etched glass look 

Internal Balustranding - tint acrylic