We can supply full sheets or cut-to-size panels in either Acrylic or Polycarbonate for your balustrade and pool fence compliance requirements.  We offer several edge finishes for your project - saw cut edges, smooth planed, bull-nosed or polished edges to name a few.


Acrylic which is commonly known by the brand names of Plexiglas® or Perspex® and is available in clear, opal, solid white and black, light or dark smokey grey tint, coloured tints and solid colours (limited colours in 3mm only) and opal.


Whilst Polycarbonate is commonly known as Lexan® or Makrolon® brand names available in clear, dark or light smokey grey tint and opal.   We can also supply clear AR2 Abrasive Resistant polycarbonate which is available with protective coating on both sides to prevent scratching.  




Pool Fence Compliance panels on stairs

Pool Fence compliance panels on stairs

Fence and gate panels 

Acrylic panel for pool fence compliance 

Stainless Steel stand-offs - custom made for a project

Opal acrylic 

Balcony balustrade panels