Plastic Sheets In Perspex, Acrylic, Polycarbonate & More For Brisbane

Professional fabricators with a focus on quality. We supply all types of plastic sheets, ranging from acrylic through to industrial materials. Materials listed below are offered in full sheets, with some materials available in cut to size panels/shapes. 

Plastic cut to size to suit your needs

  • Acrylic - Used for replacement window panels, sign faces, pool fence compliance panels, balustrading, display cases, trophy panels, and lots more uses. Available in clear, opal, grey and coloured tints and solid colours. Having Perspex sheets cut to size isn’t expensive or time-consuming. Let us know what dimensions and quantity of Perspex sheets you need and our experienced fabricators will work to meet your requirements.
  • Polycarbonate - Higher impact rating than acrylic. Used for pool fence compliance panels, boat windows, horse float window panels, truck head light protectors, race car panels, security windows/screen, machine guards etc. UV stabilised, it is available in clear, tint and opal along with clear Abrasive Resistant and Ballistic grade.
  • Prismatic Diffuser - Used in skylights and lighting panels.
  • Eggcrate - Used in lighting, ceiling panels, air conditioning, aquariums
  • Mirror Acrylic – Comes in in silver or gold. An alternative to glass mirror. 
  • Polypropylene - Industrial material which is chemical resistant.  
  • Polyethylene - Industrial material which is chemical resistant. HDPE can be used for chopping boards, bait boards etc.
  • Plaspanel - A recycled polyethylene sheet. Used for noise barriers, outdoor furniture, building cladding, pump covers, fence panels and other uses.
  • Rigid PVC - Industrial material which is chemical resistant.
  • Foam PVC and CELUKA - Aerated PVC which is light-weight. Used in sign industry a lot.
  • ACM - Aluminium Composite Material. Light weight sheet used in building cladding and sign industry.
  • Corflute - Sold in full packs only – sorry, no cutting service available with corflute.
  • ABS - Thermo-formable material.  Comes in gloss white, gloss black, black Haircel and black Leathergrain pattern.
  • HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene. Thermo-formable material – available in gloss white and gloss black. Custom colours available when purchased in quantity.
  • Illusion Film - 1mm Polycarbonate film that comes in a variety of colours and embossed patterns. Great for lighting projects, internal fitouts, etc. Available in full rolls only
  • PETG - Thermo-formable food grade material.

Providing Perspex display cases, acrylic hinges and other products and materials

We don’t just fabricate using high quality plastics. Our company also supplies a range of complete products. From solvents and glues to document stands to Perspex display cases, our Brisbane team are able to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Should you need any further information regarding uses for our custom Perspex sheets and various materials and its pricing please do not hesitate to contact us. Get in touch with our office on (07) 3133 3284.



Acrylic colour chips


Makrolon Polycarbonate 


Prismatic Diffuser 




Silver Mirror acrylic 


HDPE and Polypropylene


Plaspanel® - recycled polyethylene


Rigid PVC sheet


Coloured Foam PVC 


ACM - Alumimium Composite Material 




ABS Haircel sheet 


HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene 


Samples of Illusion Film colours and patterns