A Respected Industrial Plastics Fabricator for Brisbane

Plastic is an excellent alternative to aluminium, steel, fibreglass or stainless steel as it excels in chemical resistance and flexibility compared to other materials. RetroFab specialises in providing business across the Brisbane area with a manufacturer and supplier you can rely on. We have built an impeccable reputation and we are committed to maintaining it with every sale we make.

Meeting the diverse industrial plastics needs of local industry

Our skilled fabrication team is experienced in producing a range of industrial plastic products such as laboratory items (benches, sinks and splashbacks, ducting), machine and pump guards, fume extraction systems through to water/chemical storage vessels to suit aqua-culture, trucks, RV's, boats and machinery.


We fabricate in rigid PVC, Polypropylene and virgin  and recycled Polyethylene (under the Plaspanel brand). By offering such a comprehensive range, we ensure that more businesses can get the products and services they need, without having to deal with more than one supplier. This allows us to offer an end to end service, making sure that all of our products are of the highest possible standard.

Custom built plastics solutions and products for Brisbane enterprise

We custom build for the specific needs of a wide range of industries and can assist with design and material selection so that you achieve the required end result.


We also offer a repair and/or refurbishment service either in our factory or on-site.

Get in touch today for further information about our services

RetroFab is the trusted name in plastic fabrication for a wide range of purposes. We have been assisting people throughout Brisbane with all their industrial plastic requirements, regardless of their industry or the size of their order. We have built a reputation for quality based on our uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction and the very best in Perspex, Plaspanel, and more. Call us today on (07) 3133 3284 for further information about anything in our range.


Polycarbonate Guard for microscope 


Industrial plastic Fabrication 


Fume extraction unit on roof - refurbished following storm damage 


Fish sorting table - fabricated in polyethylene 


Chem180 centrifugal fan and transition cone


Polyethylene Fabrication 


Internal baffles of custom water tank 


PVC tank - testing of 


HDPE (Hi-Density Polyethylene)


HDPE and Polypropylene


Rigid PVC sheet


Plaspanel brochure front 


PVC Fabrication - Mould for Concrete Pillartop


PVC Fabrication - Mould for Concrete Pillartop 


6metre long Acid Dipping tank - fabricated in polypropylene 


HDPE Grate